Intumescent Pipe Collars

23.4549.95 (inc. VAT)

Features; • Stainless Steel outer casing • Tab closing device & welded lugs for quick & easy installation • Can be face fixed in a wall or ceiling structure • Intumescent material unaffected by water, non-flaking and difficult to tear • Suitable for use on concrete, masonry and plasterboard partitions (PPC25 – PPC160 only) • Soil, waste and drainage ‘above ground’ applications • 4 hour fire rating in vertical & horizontal applications • 10 year guarantee


Designed for retro-fit to plastic piping or trunking where it passes through fire resistant structures such as walls or floors. In the event of a fire, the collar’s intumescent core rapidly expands to crush the pipe or trunking, which seals off the area and maintains the fire integrity of the structural element.

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75 x 60, 95 x 60, 130 x 60, 195 x 60

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