MarXman Deep Professional Marking Tool

9.95 (inc. VAT)

  • With one push, it quickly, easily and clearly marks almost any surface.
  • Each pen contains 250+ bursts of removable, fluorescent green pigment.
  • capable of marking all surfaces including brick, metal, wood, pebbledash, porcelain and ceramic.
  • The perfect drilling companion for electrical, plumbing, building jobs and much more.
  • Recommended for jobs with fixing holes exceeding depths of 45mm
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Marxman is a unique new tool designed so that with one push it quickly, easily and clearly marks almost any surface from tiles to pebble dash, walls to wood or metal, ready for drilling or fixing. Marxman takes the time and frustration of marking a reference point for fixing or drilling.

Instead of using a drill bit, a bradawl, or sharpening your pencil and searching for the mark you made Marxman does the job for you, it simply and accurately releases a burst of bright chalk spray which clearly marks your reference points, making all other marking devices redundant .