Road Pins

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These Road Pins are durable round steel durable pins with a point at one end to allow easy penetration of tough ground conditions.

These Pins have been specifically designed for use with (fixed and rigid) road forms.

Road Pins are designed to hold the road form in perfect position while concrete is drying.

The standard size is 600mm, but these Road Pins are available from 450mm to 1200mm.

Road Pins can also be used for other tasks around a construction site, such as marking out and positioning work.

Available in 16mm and 20mm diameter

Available in numerous lengths (450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1000mm and 1200mm)

Road Pins are typically used when road forming

Easy to use

Versatile addition to your construction toolkit.

Also known as Road Form Pins, Road Form Stakes and Road Line Pins.

Our  Rebar Identification Caps can also be used with this item.

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Road Pin 16mm x 450mm, Road Pin 16mm x 600mm, Road Pin 16mm x 750mm, Road Pin 16mm x 900mm, Road Pin 16mm x 1000mm, Road Pin 16mm x 1200mm, Road Pin 20mm x 450mm, Road Pin 20mm x 600mm, Road Pin 20mm x 750mm, Road Pin 20mm x 900mm, Road Pin 20mm x 1000mm, Road Pin 20mm x 1200mm

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