Timloc Roll Out Dry Fix Ridge Pack

94.50 (inc. VAT)

Features and benefits • Preassembled fixing screws and clamping plates • Ridge union with adjustable clip positions for ridge tile thickness • Universal ridge batten strap for ease and flexibility • Long lasting, reliable and virtually maintenance free • Protects against wind uplift, water ingress and general deterioration • Provides 5000mm²/m (5mm continuous) ridge ventilation • Easy, fast, clean and generally safer mortar free installation • Can be installed in virtually all wet and cold weather conditions • Water resistant yet air permeable membrane roll • Strong, malleable and corrosion resistant aluminium flashing secured to roll • 55mm wide ridge union width provides additional water bar protection • Assurance of stainless steel clamping plates • Maintains consistently smart appearance • Not impacted by building settlement • Helps prevent entry of large insects, birds and vermin into the roofline


6m roll out dry fix ridge kit . Convenient ‘single pack’ mechanical fixing solution for roof ridge installations.

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