Tyrolit 34163994 Premium*** 40 Grit Vulcanised Fibre Disc For Steel And Stainless Steel 115mm

0.98 (inc. VAT)

  • Material; For Steel and stainless steel
  • Longest lifetime; An additional layer of active coolants increase the lifetime and reduces that heat build up while grinding is performed on different materials.
  • Strong Backing; The 0.80mm thick backing holds the grain in place, thus ensuring maximum abrasiveness.
  • Maximum Abrasiveness; Ceramic aluminium oxide delivers maximum removal rates and the longest lifetime.
  • Size; 115 x22
  • Grit; 40


Tyrolit 34163994 is a premium fibre disc.Using Fibre Discs is a very simple and quick way for removing material. A low level of vibration means the tools are convenient to use. This Fibre disc has been designed for use on steel and stainless stell, and is made of a ceramic aluminium oxide mix. This fibre disc is available in grit sizes 24 to 120


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