Vinylester Chemical Resin

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Advantages: – ETA x 2 : Option 1 and Rebar – M8 to M30 threaded rod and Ø8 to Ø32 reinforcing bars in cracked/non cracked concrete. – Rebar connection (Ø8-Ø25) – Very high mechanical resistance, including in aggressive atmospheres. – Can be used under seismic conditions (C1 performance) for threaded rods (>M12) and reinforcing bars (>Ø12) – Fire resistant (F180) – Low odour – Temperature range : – From – 40°C to +80 °C for rebar connection – From – 40°C to +120 °C for threaded rod


Scell-it ETA OP1 X-Pro300 Vinylester styrene-free chemical resin Used with:
– M8 to M30 zinc-plated and A4-70 stainless steel threaded rod.
– Ø8 to Ø32 reinforcing bars
– Ø8 – Ø25 rebar connection

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300ml, 420ml

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