Types of Burrs and How To Choose The Right One For Your Project

At Icon Fastener, we offer all types of materials essential for construction, household repairs, and other similar tasks.  Among these, we have burrs, also known as burrs or carbide rotary files. These small cutting tools are indispensable for shaping, grinding, deburring, and finishing various materials. Available in a range of shapes such as cylindrical, ball-shaped, and conical, each type is tailored to specific applications across industries from metalworking to woodworking to carving. Choosing the right burr is crucial for optimising efficiency and quality in your work.

When selecting a burr make sure you know the type of material you’ll be working on, type of task (cutting, shaping, carving, etc.), size, diameter, cutting speed, RPM, quality, and cost. To simplify your decision-making process, we’ve compiled a list of burrs in stock along with their unique qualities for you to compare and contrast.

1.     Ball Nose Tree Burr:

Featuring a rounded tip resembling a tree, this burr is ideal for contouring, carving, and shaping concave surfaces in metals, wood, plastics, and composites. Our Tungsten Carbide Ball Nose Tree Burr is particularly suitable for working on cast iron, steel, and stainless steel, allowing access to difficult-to-reach areas with long-lasting cutting edge geometry.

2.     Ball Nose Cylinder Burr:

Just like the ball nose tree burr, the ball nose cylinder burr also has a rounded tip but has a cylindrical shape. If you’re into sculpting, blending, and smoothing curved surfaces then this is the perfect tool for your projects. You can use this burr in metal fabrication, woodworking, and jewellery making. Similar to the tree burr, our Tungsten Carbide Ball Nosed Cylinder Burr can also be used when working on cast iron, steel, and stainless steel. It’s ideal for detailed work allowing for easier access to hard to reach spaces.

3.     Ball Shape Burr:

This mic-shaped burr is excellent for creating intricate details and smooth finishes on metals, ceramics, and glass. Our Tungsten Carbide Ball Shape Burr provides vibration-free grinding, contouring, and hole-deburring, making it versatile for engraving on wood, stone, and plastics.

4.     Bullnose Cone Burr:

Sometimes mistaken for the tree burr, this cone-shaped tapered rounded tip burr is perfect for precision in carving, engraving, and chamfering edges. Its design allows for control when you’re shaping diffing materials, making it ideal for professions. Our Tungsten Carbide Bullnose Cone Burr ensures perfect narrow contours and superior control for deburring edges of holes or slots with vibration-free, fast cutting action and extended lifespan.

 5.     Cylinder No End Cut Burr:

If you’re looking for a tool to deburr and prepare surfaces, then this could be the right tool for you. This burr has a straight side and is perfect for creating flat-bottomed holes, slots, and grooves. The Tungsten Carbide Cylinder No End Cut Burr enables the removal of broken screws and precise notching, reaching tight spaces for a clean finish.

6.     Flame Burr:

Resembling a match, this burr, also known as bud burr, is ideal for shaping and detailing complex designs on softer materials like wood, plastic, and rubber. The Tungsten Carbide Flame Burr efficiently removes unwanted material, allowing for the creation of curves and angles, tapering, enlarging, or repositioning holes.

Hopefully, these descriptions are concise yet informative. If not, please Contact us today! While you’re at it, look through our list of burrs, cutting disks, and other items we provide. Icon Faster is a leading abrasives supplier in Ireland for a reason! We can supply you with the best cutting tools and abrasives for all your needs.