13/3 Profile Corrugated foam Fillers (Pairs)

54.95 (inc. VAT)

  • These Foam fillers are 1m in length.
  • Packs of 50
  • Sold as pairs (long flute and short flute foam fillers)
  • The “Long Flute” half of the pair will sit on top of the sheeting and fill the profile between the sheet and the ridge or abutment flashing
  • The “Short Flute” half of the pair is pinned below the sheet at the eaves line
  • Black & White
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Each foam filler is carefully produced to the highest standards of accuracy, design and quality possible. Products such as Polyethylene, Supaseal and Very High Temperature Material (VHTM) are  ideal solutions for all types of cladding and rooflights, airsealing, and fire or acoustic sealing.

These13/3 corrugated foam fillers are designed to fit corrugated sheets, preventing the weather from getting in.

Due to the shape of corrugated sheets, this filler fits between the corrugated roof fixings final purlin of your building and the roofing sheets. It can also be used at the other end of the sheet between this and the flashing to seal off the roof.

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