CorePlus Diamond Dry Core Drill Bit

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Features; The CorePlus Diamond Dry Core Drill Bit delivers a smooth drilling experience. Its 8mm diamond segments feature a high concentration of premium-grade diamond in the bond. Utilises leading edge diamond/metal bonding, metallurgy, for long-lasting core life. A ribbed core body and V-groove segments enable the fast clearing of debris, allowing for a continuous fast cutting action. The aerated core design enhances cooling and extends core life. 1/2in BSP threaded compatible with standard core drilling machines and accessories.


As specialists in diamond cutting, CorePlus offers a comprehensive range of Diamond Cutting Blades, Diamond Dry Core Drill Bits, Diamond Tile Drill Bits and Diamond Holesaws. Their product range utilises the very latest design innovations and technological advancements in diamond cutting. Selecting the right cutting tool can be a daunting, complicated process, that’s why they believe they have introduced the easiest to understand range of diamond cutting tools available. Uncomplicated naming and simplified packaging make it simple to match the correct blade for the material being cut. When long blade life is the key selection criteria, their Elite Endurance range provides the maximum number of cuts for your spend.

Nothing is more important when working with diamond cutting equipment than safety. That’s why CorePlus commit to certified quality management processes and testing of the highest competence. All their diamond cutting blades are manufactured to EN 13236 and their Elite Endurance range meets the additional certification standards required by oSa®, the Organization for the Safety of Abrasives.

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28mm, 32mm, 38mm, 52mm, 65mm, 107mm, 117mm, 127mm, 152mm, 157mm, 162mm, 182mm

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