Litter Picker Pro 33″

23.95 (inc. VAT)

  • Available in 33”.
  • Professional PRO handle for long periods of cleansing/use.
  • Bright reflective properties for use in all visibility.
  • Grooved jaw for secure grip of all types of waste.
  • Trigger style action for multiple usage.
  • High quality design and manufacture.
  • 100% reusable.


The Litter Picker Pro is the #1 Sustainable Litter Clearance Hand Tool, and it is easy to see why so many people – over 12 million users worldwide have this litter picker grabber as their professional litter picking tool for smarter litter management.

The Litterpicker Pro is 100% reusable with effective pick-up, superb high quality design and manufacture, easy to use, lightweight but very sturdy for long periods of continuous use  – it’s the perfect commercial litter picker for any weather or environment.


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