Tyrolit 115mm Super Thin Premium Cutting Disc for Stainless Steel

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  • Tyrolit Premium 34332802 –  115mmx1.0x22,23
  • Enhanced economic efficency – Significant increase in lifetime and cutting ability, which is particularly evident in their first cut performance. the wheel delivers the best results with shorter cutting times right from the first cut
  • Reduced working times – A low load on the workpiece and short cutting times allow you to quickly achieve the best result. no supplementary reworking such as cleaning or deburring.
  • Maximum comfort while working – The tool operates consistantly and without a jamming tendency, producing 30% less cutting dust. Additional sound and vibration damping are features than make the super-thin TYROLIT cut-off wheels a safe and convenient tool.


Tyrolit Premium 34332802, With the next generation PREMIUM*** cut-off wheel for stainless steel you can enhance performance while significantly reducing tool wear.

They are particularly suitable for thin-walled metal sheets, profiles and pipes, as well as reinforced steel. Even for small stainless steel cross-sections and rods, and corrosion-resistant or acid-resistant stainless steel these cut-off wheels offer effortless machining.

The chemical purity of this tool is a requirement of machining stainless steel in order to avoid impairments to the material, such as corrosion, pitting corrosion or a reduction in the fatigue strength.

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