Tyrolit 115mm Basic Super Thin Cutting Disc for Stainless steel (Pack of 25)

21.45 (inc. VAT)


  • Tyrolit Basic* 222894 115mmx1.0x22,23.
  • The chemical purity of the product prevents corrosion, pitting corrosion and reduction in fatigue strength for good results on stainless steel.
  • Convenient and low-burr cutting with good wheel life.
  • The thickness of just 1.0 mm enables speed and precision when working.


The Tyrolit 222894 BASIC* cut-off wheel for stainless steel can be used to cut metal sheets, profiles, pipes, rods with small diameters and solid material. The chemical purity of this tool is a requirement of machining stainless steel in order to avoid impairments to the material, such as corrosion, pitting corrosion or a reduction in the fatigue strength. The 1.0 mm thick cut-off wheels are particularly suitable for quick, comfortable and low-burr cutting.